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Postcards to fight against oblivion

Originally, postcards are proud photos of various emblematic buildings in a city. Sending one implies the joy of showing and narrating a moment of a trip to those who are far away, they are the ephemeral portrait of a vacation. The footprint of someone who moved from one place to another.
This project of postcards to fight against oblivion, seeks to portray a phenomenon through a series of paintings on the facades of each of the buildings where dozens of families experienced various processes of forced displacement due to dispossession whitening, a Juaricua polysemic term that the academy names gentrification with the anglicism.
We seek to put address, name and surname, and in turn quantify and briefly narrate what was lived in each building by its inhabitants with roots who were stripped of their human and civil rights
It emerges from a collaboration with the Juaricuas of [ 06600 ] with the Iranian artist Katayoun Vaziri
., who paints the buildings in their current state to turn the paintings into postcards, which on the reverse narrate the circumstances of the dispossession according to their inhabitants.
This project turns the images of tourism promotion against themselves, using the postcards to trigger an exercise in awareness and memory. And not allowing oblivion, ensuring that stories are remembered and pretending that coalitions for justice emerge to understand that we are not alone. These postcards will travel through neighborhoods and other unsuspected geographies through their tours and other means.


CdMx - Versalles #84

Since 2013, 28 families living in Versalles #84 have been subjected to 10 years of judicial harassment, evictions with the use of force that did not follow due process, and violation of human and civil rights by the ReUrbano real estate group of Rodrigo Rivero Borrell and Alberto Kritzler Ring.


3 families still resist on the property. 122 #Juaricuas neighbors were victims of a process of #ForcedDisplacement and #BlanqueamientoPorDispojo, and today they no longer live in Colonia Juárez. For 4 years the building remains in a state of semi-abandonment and a Building in Litigation sign.

CdMx - Turín #46

CdMx - Turin #46

Since 2014, 146 residents of Turin #46 belonging to 43 Mazahua, Otomís, Triquis and Tzotzil families have been subjected to 10 years of judicial harassment.


They have experienced three evictions with the use of public force in which nothing indicates that due process was followed. As a result, valuables were stolen from them and they suffered a systematic violation of their human and civil rights.


Today they are being subjected to a process of #BlanqueamientoPorDispojo, a polysemic term #Juaricua that the academy calls “gentrification”.


All of them are facing the imminent risk of #ForcedDisplacement; however, they continue to resist the indifference of the authorities and the contempt of some neighbors.

CdMx - Turin #41

Since 2021, 122 residents of 25 families, #Juaricuas have been the subject of a process of #ForcedDisplacement and #WhiteningForDispossession of their home in Turin #41 by the Antonio Haghenbeck Foundation and Lama IAP. Although most residents paid rent, the building was never maintained. This gentrification strategy serves to drive out the residents, making their standard of living intolerable with infestations of fleas, mice, and illegal water service shutoffs.

Despite this, the resistance continues, as 7 families still live in the property.

Why doesn't the Foundation, whose main cause is caring for the elderly, cats and dogs, create an #AffordableHousing program that ensures the care of its own tenants instead of throwing them away? Don't you find it incomprehensible?

CdMx - Abraham González #101

Since 2018, the families of Abraham González #101 have been subjected to a couple of illegal eviction attempts with the use of violence and a possible violation of their human and civil rights.


In April 2022 there was a fire on the second floor, it could have been accidental, or presumably provoked, because a day later a man was caught spraying another place with gasoline and then setting it on fire.


Today they are subjected to a process of #ForcedDisplacement and #WhiteningForDispossession, a polysemic term #Juaricua that the academy calls "gentrification"


However, without success, they continue trying to get authorities and INVI to intervene and build a social project of #Adequate Housing. - March 2023

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