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El Tercer Socio Documentary - Premiered at Jurado del Reto #DocsMX 2022

Sergio González Juaricua #urban activist contributes to building solidarity and trust networks among neighbors while facing a process of #BlanqueamientoPorDispojo, a polysemic term #Juaricua that the academy calls #Gentrification and its second #ForcedDisplacement in the #ColoniaJuárez.
Starting in 2014, in this central neighborhood of #MexicoCity, a rogue process of #Displacement, #Dispossession and #Evictions of inhabitants with roots of decades and local commerce was activated, driven by the economic interests of a handful of families and of large investment funds and for a #Real Estate State at the service of the #Real Estate Cartel.
This process began with the dispossession and displacement of hundreds of families, then it was accentuated with the impact in the area of ​​the #earthquake of September 19, 2017, later due to the reduction in wages and loss of employment that the #Covid-pandemic brought with it. 19 and finally for touristification and platforms like #AirBnB. Despite citizen efforts to prepare proposals and present them to deputies and local government, there is still no type of regulation or public policy on the part of the #CdMx government.
This short documentary was made in 100 hours and was the winner of the #DocsMX 2022 Challenge Jury Award, competing with nearly 90 documentaries from all over the Mexican Republic.
The documentary El Tercer Socio is a collaboration of the Juaricuas of [ 06600 ] with Albina Téllez (indigenous Mazahua inhabitant of the Turin 46 property), Carla Escoffié (lawyer and activist for the rights of tenants), with rapper Hanuaac-Cel / Jaguar MR who gave us his original music, Juan Antonio Moreno (Direction), Yuriko Hiray (Production), José Pablo Castañeda (Production Assistant).

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